Insurance Sector Annual Report - 2008


Page 1 - Cover
Minister's Note
Head of ICC Note
List of Companies and licenses
Insurance Sector Progress Report (2002-2008)
Revenues, Costs, Assets & Equities Evolution (Graphs)
Life vs. Non Life Premiums & Claims Evolution (Graphs)
Consolidated Profit & Loss Statement
Insurance Sector Consolidated Assets
Insurance Sector Consolidated Liabilities
Structures of Assets, Investments & Liabilities (Graphs)
Taxation on Insurance
Life vs. Non-life Comparative P & L_1 (+Graphs)
Life vs. Non-life Comparative P & L_2 (+Graphs)
Condensed P & L and Ratios_1 (+ Graphs).pdf
Condensed P & L and Ratios_2 (+ Graphs)
Commissions paid & Ceded premiums (Graphs)
Insurance Portfolio Distribution
Life and Non-life premiums, claims & Profits
Equities, Reserves, Premiums, Assets & Investments
Premiums, Overheads & Work Force
Total premiums & claims
Term Life premiums & claims
Life premiums & claims
Fire premiums & claims
Transportation premiums & claims
Motor compulsory premiums & claims
Motor non-compulsory premiums & claims
Medical premiums & claims
Accidents premiums & claims
Miscellaneous premiums & claims
Engineering, Civil Liability & Credit premiums & claims
Consolidated Profit & Loss Statement (Leb Pounds) - Arabic
Consolidated Assets & Liabilities (Leb. Pounds) - Arabic
Forewords - Head of ICC Note(Translation) - Arabic
Forewords - Minister's Note (Translation) - Arabic